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  • Dr. Teri Hayward, D.C.

Benefits of Exercising

Exercising: A Human Chiropractor's Perspective

For both animal and humans, regular exercise has many outstanding benefits. When you exercise together, you, the human, will:

  • Increase Your Steps: If you're trying to rack up those recommended 10,000 steps a day, taking your pooch for a walk around the block may help score you larger totals on your Fitbit.

  • Decrease Your Blood Pressure: It's been shown that time in nature and also petting an animal can boost your mood, improve relaxation and therefore help to lower blood pressure.

  • Socialize With Other Humans: Having a pet beside you often makes it easier to strike up a conversation with other animal owners.

  • Stick With It: Does your four-legged friend enthusiastically initiate time outside with a wag of the tail or a reminder bark? When you heed the call, you're more likely to receive increased energy, eagerness and support from your animal.

  • Boost Bonding: Animals help us stay committed and accountable to both exercise and spending time together.

Exercising: An Animal Chiropractor's POV

  • Keep Fit and Healthy: When we indulge pets with too many tempting treats, exercising can help them pare some pounds, strengthen their core and keep the joints moving.

  • Breathe Deeply: When pets exercise, they'll enjoy increased fresh air and mental stimulation that comes from connecting an animal's inner and outer world through their nervous system.

  • Socialize With Other Animals: Just as humans need time with friends, so do animals! Whether it's hanging out with a pooch pal or a horse buddy, having regular social time is nourishing to every animal's soul.

  • Stick With It: Outdoor bathroom breaks give animals a consistent opportunity for an exercise routine.

  • Increase Bonding: Whether you're playing catch in the backyard or going for a power walk, spending time with your animal is an excellent way to bond.

Exercise Tip for Canines: Asking dogs to sit then stand before crossing any road will help develop muscles and improve cardiac health.

Exercise Tip for Horses: Ask a certified animal chiropractor to build a regular stretching program into your horse's everyday activities.

Looking for more exercise tips? Contact Dr. Hayward, your animal chiropractor!

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