"As you know, I have been practically drug-free for the two years prior to seeing you first and I wish that someone would have suggested the idea to me 10 years earlier, when my headaches started.

For 8 years my headaches were treated for migraines, muscle spasms with traditional drug therapy, with inconsistent results.  Sometimes the medication would work and many times it would not.  On the other hand your Chiropractic care is very effective in keeping me maintained so that the headaches do not get a chance to start.

Just as the mind and body act as one to create us and make us complete, your staff and yourself work together to enable us to stay complete.  Whether it be the helpful/courteous manner in which we are greeted every visit or the RMTs magical massaging hands or your warm and caring touch as you keep us connected, mind, body and soul.

Thank you for all that you have done for me and my family and keep up the wonderful work."  - Joseph G.

“Dr. Teri is a professional and caring chiropractor. Tito, our senior beagle-mix, has a very long back and has occasional flares of pain and lameness. Tito responds very well under Dr. Teri’s treatment and care. She only recommends required treatment and we now see her every few months for an adjustment. Dr. Teri communicates directly with our vet as well to ensure that Tito is getting the best care. She takes time with her clients to answer questions and make sure everyone is comfortable.”  Becky E.

"Dear Rod, I wanted (actually all of us) to extend a special thank you to you and everyone at your clinic for taking such good care of our family.  Such great prenatal care certainly contributed to my easier labour this time! 

Melina is lucky to be getting an early start to "chiro care;" I wish I'd been given the same opportunity. Thank you for providing such "total person" care, spiritually and physically, and for putting up with patients such as us."  - Debbie D.

“Dr Teri has done amazing things for our little dachshund Bailey. We took Bailey in a few months ago when she was experiencing symptoms of pain and decreased mobility. After a few vet visits, sedatives, pain meds and x-rays we were faced with a discouraging and sad reality that Bailey might be faced with a future of degenerative disc disease with associated pain and immobility.

After speaking to someone that went through the same experience with her dog, they recommended an animal chiropractor. I had never heard of a chiropractor for animals but I went searching for an answer that could help Bailey. After some research, I found Dr. Teri. I had to carry Bailey in to her first appointment. Within 1 to 2 visits we started seeing an improvement in Bailey. By her third appointment, Bailey happily ran into the office to see Teri! No more meds were needed and her mobility increased and pain decreased! We were amazed. Teri's compassion, friendliness, thoroughness, professionalism and true desire to help Bailey, instantly won us, and Bailey, over! Bailey is 100% back to health and continues to see Teri occasionally for maintenance. 
After seeing what she had done for Bailey, I have started seeing Dr. Teri for my own health and wellness for back and neck issues and she has helped immensely with the same care, compassion and attention that she gave to Bailey.
She is definitely someone I would recommend for both yourself and your animals!
The entire staff at Think Chiropractic and Wellness are amazing, friendly and caring!” - Jen C.


"Been coming here since I was a kid. Staff is super respectful and experienced." - J. De Iulio


"At only 3 years old, my lab has had three major orthopaedic surgeries. While the surgeries were successful, the past issues with her knees had affected her back.
Slow to rise, reluctance to do stairs and a hitch in her gait were visible problems. We thought we would give chiropractic a try, unsure if it would be a benefit. 
After 6 adjustments with Dr. Teri, a significant improvement was seen. Mobility betterment & comfort levels have increased and continue daily. Chiropractic treatment with Dr Hayward has provided positive results that have made an improvement in the quality of my dogs life.” - Janet C.

"We’ve been coming to THINK Chiro since Will was born, January 1st, 2015! We came first to have his little jaw checked for tightness thanks to a fast birth and poor latch and now we come back every few weeks to see how our son is growing, building strength and to continue helping him get a great start on a healthy life! I’ve seen Dr. Kirk myself for the discomfort of “mommy thumb” and a painful, locked facet joint. Being a new Mom is tough on the body! I couldn’t have asked for a kinder champion. Rod isn’t just a skilled practitioner, he’s a caring a compassionate person, a parent who shares openly in your journey to wellness. We’ve loved making he and the clinic part of our family life and lifestyle." - Natalie, Drew & William Garside

"Veteran began his journey of healing with Dr. Teri shortly after I adopted him. Vet is a rescue dog who had not been given the opportunity to live a healthy life. When he found his way into my heart, he had been treated very badly both physically and mentally, and was definitively in need of chiropractic health care from someone who was going to work with him and help him to heal. Vet and I found that person when we met Dr. Hayward. She was incredibly kind and gentle with my sweet boy, taking things slowly, always allowing him to take a break when he was feeling overwhelmed, and gently earning his trust so that she could help him heal. The first few appointments took a lot of patience, which Dr. Teri has so much of. She has earned his trust and he is so happy to see her each time we go for a visit. Because the physical abuse he suffered was over a long period of time, so too, is the healing process, so we are not done yet. Thankfully, Vet is doing amazingly well. He is walking and running more freely now, his entire body is starting to move more in line and in all of the directions it should, he is much happier and more comfortable, and I see him joyfully run across a field or walk with me for longer and longer periods of time. He has gone from a dog who always wanted to lay down or sit on one side, to a dog who can stand, go up and down stairs, sit, and lie down whenever he wants on either side or inline, and his overall health has also improved. His life is definitely going to be much longer and healthier as a result of the treatments, love and kindness from Dr. Teri. We continue to visit with Dr. Teri, however, the time in between has increased since Vet has been doing so well. He happily enters the clinic, and even when he gets a little anxious, a kind word, a gentle hand, and a little treat from Dr. Hayward, and he is ready to continue. I have seen a significant and positive change in this sweet old gentleman, much of which I attribute to the kindness and care that Dr. Teri Hayward has given Veteran. We are so lucky to have found someone who cares and is ready and willing to help this sweet old guy find his way to better health and in turn a better life. Thanks Dr. Teri!" -  Sue & Veteran 


What our clients are saying about us:

"I have been a client of this clinic since 2009 and I was experiencing lower back pain and need maintenance on my body.  This clinic is great and [they] take great care of you and your needs in a pleasant atmosphere.  I keep coming back for regular maintenance with a great chiropractor.  I would happily recommend this clinic."  - Stephanie K.

"Dr. Kirk, I arrived in your lobby in 1996, on a recommendation from our family doctor, "as an alternative to her traditional drug therapy approach" to treat my headaches.



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