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"As you know, I have been practically drug-free for the two years prior to seeing you first and I wish that someone would have suggested the idea to me 10 years earlier, when my headaches started.

For 8 years my headaches were treated for migraines, muscle spasms with traditional drug therapy, with inconsistent results.  Sometimes the medication would work and many times it would not.  On the other hand your Chiropractic care is very effective in keeping me maintained so that the headaches do not get a chance to start.

Just as the mind and body act as one to create us and make us complete, your staff and yourself work together to enable us to stay complete.  Whether it be the helpful/courteous manner in which we are greeted every visit or the RMTs magical massaging hands or your warm and caring touch as you keep us connected, mind, body and soul.

Thank you for all that you have done for me and my family and keep up the wonderful work."  - Joseph G.

"Dear Rod, I wanted (actually all of us) to extend a special thank you to you and everyone at your clinic for taking such good care of our family.  Such great prenatal care certainly contributed to my easier labour this time! 

Melina is lucky to be getting an early start to "chiro care;" I wish I'd been given the same opportunity. Thank you for providing such "total person" care, spiritually and physically, and for putting up with patients such as us."  - Debbie D.


"Been coming here since I was a kid. Staff is super respectful and experienced." - J. De Iulio

"We’ve been coming to THINK Chiro since Will was born, January 1st, 2015! We came first to have his little jaw checked for tightness thanks to a fast birth and poor latch and now we come back every few weeks to see how our son is growing, building strength and to continue helping him get a great start on a healthy life! I’ve seen Dr. Kirk myself for the discomfort of “mommy thumb” and a painful, locked facet joint. Being a new Mom is tough on the body! I couldn’t have asked for a kinder champion. Rod isn’t just a skilled practitioner, he’s a caring a compassionate person, a parent who shares openly in your journey to wellness. We’ve loved making he and the clinic part of our family life and lifestyle." - Natalie, Drew & William Garside

What our clients are saying about us:

"I have been a client of this clinic since 2009 and I was experiencing lower back pain and need maintenance on my body.  This clinic is great and [they] take great care of you and your needs in a pleasant atmosphere.  I keep coming back for regular maintenance with a great chiropractor.  I would happily recommend this clinic."  - Stephanie K.

"Dr. Kirk, I arrived in your lobby in 1996, on a recommendation from our family doctor, "as an alternative to her traditional drug therapy approach" to treat my headaches.



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