Some of the wonderful people we are able to see!

Some of the families that come in here, come also for the Parent and Baby FREE
Drop-In Group on Tuesday!
Babies and more!!

I have been asking some of the parents and babies for pictures for our gallery.  This gives you the chance to see some of the babies/families who come and hang out with us for our THINK Parent and Baby meet-ups on Tuesday afternoon at 12:30.  This is free for you to attend and the only rule is that there is no judgement!  Everyone parents the way that works best for their family and this gathering may just give you a place to have your questions answered as well as offer your own suggestions of tips and techniques that have worked for you and your family!

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We’ve been coming to THINK Chiro since Will was born, January 1st, 2015! We came first to have his little jaw checked for tightness thanks to a fast birth and poor latch and now we come back every few weeks to see how our son is growing, building strength and to continue helping him get a great start on a healthy life! I’ve seen Dr. Kirk myself for the discomfort of “mommy thumb” and a painful, locked facet joint. Being a new Mom is tough on the body! I couldn’t have asked for a kinder champion.