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Frequently Asked Questions about Chiropractic Care

What is an adjustment? 

An adjustment is a highly skilled and precise movement usually applied by hand to a joint of the body. Adjustments loosen the joint to restore proper movement and optimize function. 

When a joint is adjusted, a gas bubble may escape causing the “popping” noise you may have heard about. 

Chiropractic adjustment techniques have been researched extensively. While the principles behind all adjustments remain the same, the execution of treatment is very different between infants, toddlers, children, teens, adults and seniors. Everyone who moves around and uses their joints daily will benefit from chiropractic adjustments. 

When should I see a chiropractor? 

Eight out of ten Canadians will experience back pain at some point in their life. For many people, the pain can keep them away from work, school, and day-to-day activities. If pain causes interruptions and restrictions in the activities of your daily life then you should consult a health care provider. 

Chiropractors are regulated primary health care professionals and they are one of five classes of health care professionals in Ontario that are able use the title Doctor, with its accompanying rights and obligations. 

Many patients seek chiropractic treatment for wellness care. Pain should never become a way of life, especially when there is qualified help available.


Why do Canadians visit a chiropractor? 

• back ache 

• neck pain 

• headache 

• whiplash 

• strains and sprains from daily activities 

• repetitive strain injuries 

• work and sports related injuries 

• arthritis 

• restricted movement in the back, shoulders, neck or limbs 

• general health and well-being 

• foot pain and strain 

• jaw pain, pain while chewing 

• etc. 


What are some of the benefits of chiropractic care?


Chiropractic care has been recognized to: 

• improve movement in your neck, back, shoulders, torso, pelvis, hips, legs, knees and feet 

• improve your posture 

• provide some relief from headaches, neck and back pain 

• help prevent work-related muscle and joint injuries 

• lead to enhanced athletic performance 

• improve your flexibility and range of motion 

• relieve pregnancy related back pain, head aches, hip/pelvic discomfort 

• correct gait and foot problems 

• help reduce the need for ongoing medications 

• etc.


Is chiropractic adjustment safe? 

Chiropractic is widely recognized as one of the safest, drug-free, non-invasive therapies for the treatment of headache, neck pain and back pain. It has an outstanding safety record. 

Prior to starting treatment, all health professionals are required by law to obtain informed consent to treatment from their patients. Health care consumers must receive adequate and accurate information to assist them in evaluating their health care choices, and in balancing the relative risks of treatment options with the benefits. The chiropractic profession takes this responsibility seriously and has been a leader in obtaining informed consent. 

Does chiropractic care require a referral from a medical doctor? 

Patients can contact chiropractors directly and a referral is not necessary. That said, chiropractors often work closely with medical doctors and mutually refer their patients to one another to facilitate overall care and wellness.


Can chiropractic care cure other ailments, other than back pain? 

Chiropractic care cannot “cure” every ailment, but there is some evidence which indicates that adjustments may have a beneficial effect on a variety of conditions. Adjustments may alleviate some of the secondary or referred pain that main have risen from the response to the musculoskeletal structures to the primary cause. 


What is chiropractic? 

The word “chiropractic” come from ancient Greek and means “done by hand.” 

What else can a chiropractor do? 

Chiropractors are also trained to prescribe therapeutic exercise, provide nutritional counselling and recommend rehabilitation and injury prevention strategies.

Still have questions?  That's okay.  We are here to answer those for you.  Call our office and schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation with one of our chiropractors and they will ensure you have all of your questions answered before your first adjustment. 

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