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Dr. Rod has been writing, blogging and sharing his life coaching skills for many years.  Now he is back at running regular seminars here at the office.  Almost bi-weekly, on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 p.m., he facilitates his "Path to Self Discovery" meetings. The class is an hour of time but that impactful hour will give you years of knowledge, guidance and power to carry home with you.

The pay-what-you-want format encourages everyone to come and take part without feeling as though they can't afford to learn the wisdom he has to share.

To have access to some of the writings of Dr. Rod, we invite you to visit his blog at:

LOCATION: Think Chiropractic & Wellness Centre, Unit #2 (beside the RBC Bank)

2025 William O'Connell Blvd - Burlington ON

Contact us for dates and more information! 

Alternatively, we invite you to visit our Think Meet-Up page (look for the "Path to Self Discovery" events). We invite you to register there if you prefer that over contacting our office.

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