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Rhonda Sparks, RMT 


Since graduating from Canadian Therapeutic College in 2002, I have been committed to improving my skills to better benefit my clients’ needs.


There are many types of massage therapy to benefit all ages and health demand such as:

Infancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Relaxation Massage

Sports Injury Massage


With clients ranging from infants to the elderly and weekend warriors to iron man athletes, I have had the opportunity to treat many different conditions such as:


Carpal Tunnel / Tendonitis

ITB Syndrome (Runners Knee)

Frozen Shoulder


Sports and Accident-related Injuries


Being the mother of a young man, I understand the demands of balancing career and family. I believe that you need to care for your own health and well being to be able to better care for loved ones.


Always … Take Care of Your Mind, Body & Spirit

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