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  • Dr. Teri Hayward, D.C.

Chiropractic: Not Just for People

Why Make a Qualified Animal Chiropractor a Member of Your Animal's Health Care Team?

Annual vaccines? Check.

Flea and tick prevention? Check.


You may wonder why someone would bring their animal to an animal chiropractor like me.

Have you ever thought about how most of our animals have lifestyles that are very different from what nature intended them to be?

Factors That Could Affect Your Animal's Spinal Health

While our animals can't talk to us, their various lifestyle factors can translate into less-than-optimal joint and nervous system health. I invite you to consider the following:

  • Our backyards and fields are smaller, and the confinement does not allow most animals to get adequate exercise that stretches the muscles of the abs and back

  • A simple car ride with unexpected starts and stops

  • Pulling on a leash or lead can cause problems in any location in the spine

  • Long toenails or improper fitting horseshoes can lead to a change in gait

  • The posture, weight and age of your animal can also add biomechanical stress

Keeping Our Four-Legged Family Members Healthy

Like humans, minor daily physical stress can also impact an animal's quality of life. Animal chiropractic is an ideal complement to traditional veterinary care. Chiropractic is a drugless method of health care that includes checkups to ensure excellent spinal health and nervous system function for our entire family - including our beloved four-legged members.

Discover how chiropractic may help your favorite animal enjoy better health, naturally!

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