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  • Dr. Teri Hayward, D.C.

Symmetry and Animals: What's the Connection?

You probably know that symmetry is all about balance. In fact, in grade school, we're taught that the definition of symmetry is each side reflecting the other. But did you know that objects with symmetry often work better?

The same is true for your body—and even your pets!

Looking at Your Animal

Have you ever noticed that your pet tends to favor one side of their body over the other? Paying attention to the following behaviors may help you realize whether or not your pet has balanced movement, including:

  • How they walk, sit or stand

  • How they sleep or hold their tails

  • How they run

  • How they turn their heads

  • How they hold toys or chew food

Good health always begins with balance!

Ensuring your pet's nervous system is functioning as it should can mean better overall health, reduced joint pain and improved movement. Adjustments for animals can help to restore their symmetry, improving biomechanics and neurological input.

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