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  • Dr. Teri Hayward, D.C.

Why Choose Ongoing Chiropractic Care?

"If my animal starts chiropractic care, do they have to keep going forever?"

It's a common myth associated with chiropractic care that is simply not true. While we're happy to help our animals feel better by bringing them out of pain with chiropractic care, having to go forever isn't the case. Even though a course of care varies for each animal, one thing is certain- we aim to make you a partner in their health. And while you don't have to do anything, we have many owners who choose to see us with their pet on a regular basis, as a member of their animal's healthcare team.

Have you heard of maintenance care in the human world?

Here's how it can benefit your animal:


When you visit our practice for ongoing animal chiropractic care, it can actually help them strengthen the problem area to help prevent an injury from reoccurring. Regular adjustments also keep their body balanced and in tune, allowing for better healing to avoid a relapse and correction of new spinal problems.

Improved 'Posture'

Let's face it-a lot of us including our animals, do not get the exercise required most days. We might not notice immediate problems, in our animals, from this lack of physical activity, but down the line their posture could suffer. When sitting, standing or lying down postures are compromised, this can lead to issues like weakness within certain muscles and overworked tight and sore muscles in other areas along the spine or limbs. Get ahead of these issues by opting for chiropractic care before your animal develops a problem.

Enhanced Wellness

We can do more than just bring your animal out of pain- we help our patients continue to live the life you desire for them, without problems through health optimization. This doesn't mean we need to see them for an adjustment every day or even every week-but scheduled "tune ups", can be ideal.

Ready to make your next appointment with our practice? Give us a call today.

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