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  • Marcia Culbert, Certified Holistic Nutritionist

How can a Holistic Nutritionist help me with my health?

My first question for you is: do you know the difference between a dietician and a holistic nutritionist?

A Holistic Nutritionist looks at your WHOLE body, all of the systems that propel you forward, not simply the foods that you fuel your body with. A dietician makes their recommendations based upon the Canada Food Guide. A Holistic Nutritionist often finds, through conversation with you, that there are other variables to take into consideration so that you can work together and mutually create the optimal environment within your body to help you achieve your best health and wellness, including educating you on healthy and balanced food choices.

We look at lifestyle routines and habits to help you make life long changes that will enhance your health and work towards the specific results you are striving for. By learning more about your life story, we can work together to help you make lasting changes. We focus on step-by-step actions to achieve your short and long term goals. A holistic approach will embrace food and physical health while taking into account your spiritual, emotional and energetic levels as well.

I am happy to meet with you for a complementary 15 minute consultation to discuss your specific needs. Please call the office (905-319-2222) to arrange for an appointment; whenever you are ready to look at options to enhance your overall health for your lifetime.

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