Phyllis Crawford, Chiropractic Health Assistant

Hello.  I join the THINK team after having worked as a CHA in an Oakville Chiropractor’s office for 4.5 years.  Prior to joining the chiropractic world 4.5 years ago I had always worked in the legal field.  It was merely by happenstance that I was offered the opportunity to work for a chiropractor.  I have been receiving chiropractic and massage treatments, etc. since my mid twenties.  What I found, once I started working in that environment, was how much I valued the connection that I had with the people as well the positive feeling that resonates throughout the office, the team and the patients. 

I honestly believe that if you keep your body moving you will be healthier and happier for it.  I have found, since being diagnosed with fibromyalgia in my mid twenties that exercise and movement have truly been the key to my wellness.  Adjustments help me to be able to continue to exercise and move.  At THINK we can help get your body moving again.

I am thrilled and honoured that THINK offered me this position and I look forward to helping you on your path to a healthier and happier YOU.