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THINK is excited to welcome Michelle Compas to our team of practitioners.  She has agreed to facilitate and lead bi-weekly meditation classes in our office on Sunday mornings.  Each week will have a new theme and while a seemingly beginner program, everyone who comes out will benefit from her calm presence and unique class approach.


COST: $80.00 for the 4 weeks (paid in advance) or $25.00 per session

TO REGISTER: please contact our office or, alternatively, we invite you to visit our Think Meet-Up page (look for the "Meditation with Michelle" events). We invite you to register there if you prefer that to contacting our office.

Meditation | Four-week series: March 3, 17, 31, April 14, 2019 | 9:30-10:30 am

WEEK One - March 03rd - Introduction and Beginning Practices


  • Introductions

  • Meditation vs Mindfulness; myths

  • Benefits of meditation

  • Some popular kinds of meditation e.g. nidra, guided, unguided, malas, mantra, pranayama, mudras, walking, journeys

  • Meditation seat / positions - different positions (seated, reclined, chair) ; props – cushion, block, blanket, eye pillow

  • Setting up a home practice - how to make it sacred to you, journaling, scents, support

  • Practice: Centering & Breath Awareness

  • Practice: Beginner Apple Meditation

  • Practice: Body Awareness Meditation

  • Question & Answer

WEEK Two - March 17th - Turning Inwards


  • Review / Check-in 

  • Practice: Centering & Sound Awareness Meditation

  • Mudras – overview of two mudras

  • Practice: So Hum Meditation

  • Practice: Kurma Nadi Meditation

  • Introduction to Chakras 

  • Practice: Chakra Meditation 

  • Practice: Yoga Nidra 

WEEK Three - March 31st - Cultivating Love & Happiness


  • Review & Check-in

  • Practice: Centering 

  • Mudras – overview of two new mudras

  • Practice: Loving Kindness Meditation 

  • Learning: Anandamayi (mantra chant) Brenda McMorrow

  • Practice: Yoga Nidra

WEEK Four - April 14th - Mantras


  • Review & Check-in

  • Practice: Centering

  • Mudras – overview of two new mudras

  • Activity: Malas & Mantras – we’ll make a mala and set an intention, then learn how to use it  

  • Practice: Mantra Meditation 

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