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Seize the opportunity to reduce your stress, improve your overall health and welcome the future with open arms through our 8 class Mindfulness & Meditation series hosted by Dr. Rodney Kirk, DC and Michelle Compas, Yoga & Meditation teacher.

Whether you are new to the chakras or have some familiarity, Michelle will guide you through the body’s 7 major energy centres. By developing an awareness of each chakra, you may notice centre’s that feel open or dim. Learn some techniques to keep your energy aligned to maintain and enhance your wellbeing.

Dr. Rod will focus his Mindfulness coaching to help you heighten your understanding of your day to day thoughts and the role they play in your overall wellbeing. By bridging your understanding of meditation, he will provide practical awareness tools to help you with your daily interactions with others, stress levels and the importance of your overall health.  

Combined these two skilled practitioners will provide you with opportunity to learn the techniques necessary to guide yourself forward in a peaceful and respectful manner.

Does this intrigue you? Are you coming out of your winter slump just looking for the path that will help you be ready for the spring ahead? Have you always wanted to try meditation but have been intimidated by the idea of an in-person class?  

Whatever your reason, give us a call 905-319-2222 or email the clinic to register your spot. This series is only $40.00 for all 8 classes and we ask that you commit to the whole series.

Class dates will be Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings through March. Those who have registered will have access to each broadcast for one week following the original post date, in case you are not able to attend at the posted time.

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