Dr. Teri Hayward adds enhanced health to your pets' life!

Dr. Hayward has a continual desire to share what she knows. Her passion for helping animals drives her every day. The diversified hands-on technique that she uses benefits small and large animals by helping to align their bodies properly.

Many clients notice their animal is calmer and more relaxed after their visit as their body is given a boost to help heal naturally.

"I love seeing such an immediate response on the animals face when they feel better, following an adjustment."


Mission: Regular, quality, spinal checkups are an essential component within an animals balanced health care program for good health. We exist to advance the WELLness movement in animal health care with passionate preventative education about the role of spinal health and excellent nervous system function for the ENTIRE family and by providing a natural, hands-on service, promoting a higher quality of life in animals through chiropractic.

Vision: Dr. Hayward visualizes seeing animals for preventative care for a happy, abundant life.

How It Works


Dr. Hayward is a qualified practitioner, who is very accessible to be able to help you, offering chiropractic care that is safe for animals. She has a bale that she uses to stand on to ensure she’s at the proper height to examine and adjust the larger animals. Her patients range from cats and dogs to horses and donkeys.

A Complement to Your Animal’s Care


We’re not a replacement for veterinary care but instead look to provide care that is complementary to veterinary medicine. When we work alongside your veterinarian, we can help improve your animal’s health and vitality.


Animal Chiropractic offers a hands-on, non-surgical, drug-free approach for correcting joint, soft-tissue disorders and associated neurological dysfunction- related to improper spinal function and movement. Chiropractic care adds another dimension to your animal’s healing process and can help improve their life.

Having access to a network of quality, dependable veterinarians, inspires and motivates Dr. Hayward to excel in her field.

“It’s exciting to see chiropractic care become a multidisciplinary practice.”

Ideally, you would choose to have your animal assessed before there is an apparent problem, prevention is important. However, here are a few more common indications, as to when a chiropractor could prove to be a beneficial member of your animal’s healthcare team.

For Small Animals

  • change in ability to manage stairs, jump on furniture or get into or out of car

  • asymmetrical posture

  • showing evasion maneuvers such as dropping head or back to avoid touch

  • previous diagnosis such as arthritis

  • post-surgical care

For Horses


  • changing leads, shortened stride, dragging toes

  • difficulty or refusing to lift a leg

  • decreased speed

  • lack of drive from behind

  • ‘Roach Back’ appearance

  • behavioural changes such as refusals or bucking

  • improved quality of life for geriatric animals


At Think Chiropractic & Wellness, there’s no need for a referral for your pet to be seen by Dr. Hayward! 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your animal live a vibrant life.


College of Animal Chiropractors (CoAC) www.collegeofanimalchiropractors.org

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